Burlington County Commercial Property Management

Managing your commercial property is a huge job…and doing it properly is vitally important for both your tenants and your bottom line. Let WCRE look after your properties for you…we’re your established choice for Burlington County commercial property management! We deliver comprehensive property management services throughout the South Jersey region. We manage a variety of commercial properties, including for medical, office, retail, and industrial facilities.

Our Commercial Property Management Services For Burlington County Entities

We offer a full list of services for Burlington County commercial property owners, including:

Financials and Operations. We look after all of your financial reporting, including budget development, rent collection, financial reporting and more. We can help you get the most return on your property investment, by improving your performance, mitigating your risk, and helping you to make informed decisions, including for future investments.

Administration and Tenant Relations. We work diligently to establish strong relationships with your tenants and ensure that they are satisfied with the property operations. We ensure that they have the insurance coverage they need, that we manage all of their records efficiently, and keep your properties compliant with regulations. We also carefully select service providers, and manage their insurance coverage for your tenants’ protection.

Contract Service Management. Your contract vendors should be reliable and trustworthy, and keep your properties safe and comfortable. We look after your vendor contracts from start to finish, including establishing the scope of work, handling the bidding process, formalizing the contracts, and conducting regular inspections of the work. We make sure you’re getting the services you need in a timely manner.

Maintenance Management. Effective and ongoing property maintenance is vital to the success of property owners. That’s why we look after your property maintenance on multiple levels, including through periodic inspections, preventive maintenance programs, analyzing whether equipment needs repair or replacement, and tracking maintenance requests. WCRE gives you and your tenants the peace of mind of knowing things are operating as they should.

WCRE offers all of these services and more for your properties, and we ensure that you receive a true return on your investment for many years to come. Our Property Management Team has decades of experience in all aspects of the field, and we have a process-driven approach that achieves long lasting results.

Find out more about the difference WCRE can make for you…request a complimentary management estimate today. Let us show you why we’re the answer to your search for Burlington County commercial property management!

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