Capital Project & TI Management

Capital Project & TI ManagementAt Wolf Commercial Real Estate, we understand that capital projects and tenant improvements are essential for maintaining and improving the value of your property. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of capital improvement and TI management services to our clients.

Our team of experienced and qualified professionals demonstrate history of successfully delivering projects on time and budget. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and formulate a project plan aligned with their objectives. Furthermore, we manage all aspects of the construction process, spanning from developing the project’s scope of work to overseeing the work of contractors.

Our capital project and TI management process:

1. Develop Scope of Work

The first step in the capital project and TI management process is to develop a scope of work for the project. This document offers a clear blueprint of the work that will be performed, materials to be utilized, and a defined timeline for completion. We collaborate with our clients to customize the scope of work ensuring it aligns with their requirements and budgetary considerations.

2. Bidding Process

Once we have created a scope of work, we initiate a competitive bidding process among potential contractors. This allows us to assess pricing options and select the contractor that best aligns with our project needs. Each bid undergoes a thorough evaluation to confirm the contractor’s requisite of experience and qualifications.

3. Construction Schedule

Once the contractor is selected, we conduct a construction schedule for the project. This schedule outlines the commencement and completion dates for each phase of the project. We work with the contractor to develop a realistic and achievable schedule.

4. Signage and Tenant Notifications

To keep tenants and visitors informed about the impending work, we post signage at the project site. Additionally, we engage in a proactive manner with tenants and visitors to inform them of the potential disruptions and to minimize any inconvenience.

5. Construction Updates

We provide regular construction updates to our clients. These updates include the progress of the project, any potential delays, and any other relevant information.

6. Tenant Communication

We maintain consistent communicate with tenants throughout the construction process. This includes keeping them informed about project progress and potential disruptions, as well as addressing any concerns they may have.

7. Inspection

Upon project completion, we inspect the work to ensure that it meets our standards and work with the contractors to rectify any deficiencies that are identified.

8. Contract supervision

Throughout the construction process, we oversee the work of the contractor ensuring they are meeting their contractual obligations and are providing high-quality services.

Benefits of Wolf Commercial Real Estate's Capital Project and TI Management Services

  • There are many benefits to working with Wolf Commercial Real Estate to manage your capital projects and tenant improvements, including:
  • Expertise: Our team is comprised of experienced and qualified professionals with a proven track record of successfully completing projects on time and within your budget.
  • Industry Partnerships: We maintain robust relationships with a network of contractors and other experts in the construction industry. These relationships secure optimal pricing and top-tier services to our clients.
  • Peace of mind: Our clients can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that we handle all facets of their capital projects and tenant improvements. In turn, this allows them to channel their focus on their core business.

If you are planning a capital project or tenant improvement, we encourage you to contact Wolf Commercial Real Estate. We would be happy to discuss your needs and develop a custom solution that meets your goals and budget.