Cannabis Facilities Challenges in Land Use and Zoning

Cannabis Facilities Challenges in Land Use and ZoningAs more states legalize cannabis, municipalities across the country are grappling with decisions relating to development of cannabis facilities. Cannabis facilities have an extremely high energy use and intensity and a demand for resiliency.

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Pennoni offers support to developers, private clients and municipalities who need professional consulting engineers to advise on land use planning, feasibility studies, environmental investigations, infrastructure design and permitting, as they navigate this new era of development.

In this rapid growing industry, the ability to bring product to market quickly, is the key to competitiveness. Our ability to assist in the design and construction of distributed generation and energy management projects as well as provide design services from feasibility through commissioning, can help clients stay ahead of the competition.

Our team can also perform energy profile modeling, equipment sizing and selection, cost estimating, gas and electric utility interconnections, and air permitting. Once initial due-diligence and design services are complete, our team can also assist in procurement, construction and commissioning of cannabis systems.

We offer all services under one roof, a necessity for complex multidisciplinary projects, such as land development, site selection, mechanical, electrical, & plumbing design, structural design, environmental assessment/investigation and so much more.


Partners for What’s Possible

We approach the start of every project as the beginning of a collaboration because we understand the value of partnership. As a multidisciplinary firm, Pennoni has the ability to approach engineering challenges from a wider spectrum of angles than most. From land development to energy management, our expertise runs deep and our passion for problem-solving runs even deeper.