Rodents Invade Commercial Properties in Fall – How to Stop Them

Rodents Invade Commercial PropertiesLet’s talk about why rodents invade commercial properties during spooky season and how to eliminate them. With the leaves changing colors and the air becoming crisp, there is no denying that spooky season is here! While we eagerly wait for Halloween filled with costumes, candy, and haunted houses, there is another presence that lurks in the shadows during these cooler months – rodents. Autumn often ushers unwanted guests as temperatures drop and the critters seek shelter in our homes and commercial properties.

Rodents Invade Commercial Properties in Fall

As temperatures begin to plummet, rodents, which include both mice and rats, become more active seeking warmth and shelter. The cozy confines of your property become appealing, as they can nest comfortably and find an ample supply of food. It’s important to remember that while they may seem harmless and just a nuisance, they do carry diseases that can cause severe health problems making it imperative to address the issue promptly.

Preventative Measures

  1. Seal Entry Points

The key to keeping rodents out is simply to deny them entry. Inspect your building carefully for any cracks, gaps or openings where rodents might be able to enter. Common entry points include gaps around doors and windows, openings in pipes and cables, and holes in walls. Seal the gaps with weatherstripping, caulk, or mesh to deter them.

  1. Maintain Cleanliness

Aside from trying to keep warm, they are drawn to readily available food and water. Always keep your offices clean, tidy and in airtight containers. We understand that sometimes it is hard to walk away from your computer, so eating lunch or snacks is at your desk, but it’s important to clean up, and dispose of all trash accordingly. If you are aware of a leak or think there is one but aren’t sure of the source, regardless of how small, call your local trusted contractor or plumber to fix this for you.

  1. Trim Vegetation

Trimming Vegetation like the branches and bushes that are close to your property eliminate potential pathways that the rodents can enter.

  1. Extermination Plan

We advise having an extermination plan in place. If you’re already aware of a rodent infestation, contact a trusted pest professional to irradiate this problem. Pest professionals utilize safe and effective procedures when it comes to eliminating rodents.

  1. Set Traps

If you think you have a smaller infestation, there are different types of traps that can be used depending on your preference.

Stay Vigilant

Battling rodents is an ongoing fight. Even after taking preventative measures and eliminating existing rodents, it’s crucial to remain vigilant. Continue to regularly inspect your property, address any openings, and keep your space clean from both clutter and food.

Spooky season certainly brings out those spooky creatures, but by taking a proactive approach, you can keep those creepy crawlers at bay during the fall and winter seasons. Remember to seal entrance points, maintain cleanliness, and have an extermination plan. Following these instructions will provide peace of mind, so you can enjoy the fall season without the company of unwelcome guests.

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