Common Commercial Property Problems and How to Fix Them

Common Commercial Property Problems and How to Fix ThemLet’s look at some common commercial property problems and how to fix them. Inevitable problems will arise when you own commercial property. Whether you lease to a consistent client or you tend to have a rotating list of tenants, it’s your responsibility to keep the place up to code and meet everybody’s standards. Therefore, knowing how to mend commercial property problems as they arise can be a great strength.

No matter where you are in your property journey, it’s important to know how to handle these issues once they arise. Doing so benefits you, your tenants and the building itself. Here are some of the most common issues commercial property owners face, along with their solutions.

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1. Cracks

Any sign of cracking should be investigated as soon as possible. Even if a crack seems small or in an unimportant location, there’s always a chance it can be a sign of a larger underlying problem that needs to be addressed. If you find cracks in or around the foundation, you might even be dealing with structural issues.

The Fix: Have a professional check out the crack before patching it over to make sure everything
is structurally sound. Multiple cracks could indicate a larger underlying issue, so always make sure to enlist aid when necessary.

2. Leaks

Leaks can also be a difficult situation for commercial property owners. You should address them before they get worse so you don’t have to deal with further damage. It’s best not to leave things unchecked for too long,
especially if the problem is with the roof or ceiling. Try to get your roof inspected regularly so you can approach minor leaks as a form of maintenance rather than an emergency repair.

The Fix: Have your roof regularly inspected so as not to let damage go for too long. You can also seal your roof, install flashing or even replace it with new materials if you notice consistent issues.

3. Excess Moisture

This can happen due to leakage or be caused by other issues that have nothing to do with the ceiling. Moisture can refer to a lot of things, from water damage to humidity to improper temperature control. It’s vital to keep damage under control so it doesn’t affect the structure. There are a few ways to deal with this, mostly depending on the problem in question.

The Fix: Have a professional inspect any damage, and keep temperature controls and dehumidifiers on the dry setting to avoid excess humidity.

Make sure any leaks or moisture from the outside are contained with proper waterproofing and insulation.

4. Poor Ventilation

One of the common commercial property problems that come along with older properties is poor ventilation. This can be challenging to circumvent, as airflow is difficult to mimic. However, if you notice your building is not properly ventilated, you can improve airflow and quality.

The Fix: Try utilizing materials like breathe bricks, which absorb air pollution, or installing fans to boost airflow. You can even add windows or a skylight if your space and budget allow for it.

Common Commercial Property Problems and How to Fix Them

5. Electrical Faults

Electrical faults are another common problem with commercial spaces, and they can often inconvenience many people if they are not fixed promptly. Dead outlets, consistent power outages and other electrical malfunctions could be a sign of major damage. It’s important to address issues like this as soon as possible so the problem does not create further inconveniences.

The Fix: Although it’s possible to DIY electrical problems in some cases, it’s always best to call in a professional to make sure everything is safe before you dive in. Sometimes, simply switching out your light bulbs will work, while other issues require a complete electrical overhaul.

6. Pests

Commercial properties, especially those that work with food products, can sometimes be attractive to pests. If you think there might be a slight pest problem, deal with it as soon as possible to make sure wiring and drywall
damage does not occur. Being proactive is vital to prevent costly repairs.

The Fix: Try setting traps and using pest repellent to catch your unwanted guests. If that doesn’t solve your problem, you may need to call an exterminator to get the job done.

7. Code Violations

Although this is not necessarily a structural problem, it happens much more often than you might expect. Keeping things up to code may be a bit more complicated than simply sticking with the old ways. Laws and guidelines change, especially as the years go by. Although building regulations and safety precautions might vary from state to state, It is important to keep up to date wherever you are to avoid code violations.

The Fix: Make sure you have all the proper forms and regulation information for your current structures and future projects. You may want to do a little research every year to make sure things are up to date. If necessary, you can even seek outside consultation to ensure any outstanding issues are taken care of promptly.


8. Security

It’s always a good idea to consider the security situation, especially when it comes to old buildings and structures that share spaces with other tenants. This also applies when renters share areas, such as a laundry facility or kitchen. Breaches can especially be an issue when people have many valuables in their care. That’s why it’s vital to address security problems as early as possible to avoid any mishaps.

The Fix: If you want to fix or prevent security issues on your commercial property, make sure locks are tight and secure and install security cameras. Ensure proper measures are taken to pay attention to any weak spots that can be breached. Repeated thefts can erode tenants’ confidence in your ability to provide a safe environment.

Common Commercial Property Problems

When you own commercial property, it’s your responsibility to take care of it for your tenants and your own future investment. This means addressing commercial property problems when they arise and dealing with them swiftly. Whether you call in a professional or DIY, it’s vital to keep on top of all your property’s needs.

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