Parking Lot Maintenance – 6 Reasons to Maintain Your Asphalt

Parking Lot Maintenance - 6 Reasons to Maintain Your AsphaltIt is easy to overlook parking lot maintenance when managing or owning a business. Oftentimes, parking lot maintenance is an after thought until potholes form or cracks become apparent. Although parking lot maintenance is frequently neglected, the quality and condition have a significant impact on how your parking lot is perceived by your customers. Regular asphalt maintenance will keep your parking lot looking clean and fresh, while preserving the integrity of the asphalt surface.

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1. Aesthetically Pleasing

Making a great first impression to new or potential customers is key in any business, but it goes beyond customer service. It starts with your parking lot. The parking lot is the first sight of your business and can be a determining factor in whether they choose your business or decide to take their money elsewhere. A well maintained parking lot shows customers that they can trust your business because you care for parking lot. Restoring the rich black color, repairing potholes, removing dirt and debris, and freshening the stripes are just a few ways to increase your business’s curb appeal.

2. Safety

While beautifying your parking lot increases the chance of returning customers, improving safety will decrease the possibility of liability and customer turnover. Cracks, potholes, and broken inlets can increase the risk of falls, thus deterring customers from returning. Removing debris from inlets, repairing potholes, and sealing the cracks in your parking lot are just a few ways to prevent pedestrian hazards.

3. Maximize Space

If your parking spaces and markings are not clearly defined, it can cause parking lot chaos and possible automobile accidents, leaving your customers frustrated and potentially not willing to return to your establishment. As businesses grow, your parking lot should be able to grow with you by accommodating more employees and customers. Without precise striping and markings, your parking lot will become disorganized. Re-striping can also allow for more efficient layout as your company prospers.

4. Reduce Liability

Parking lot maintenance is crucial for protecting customers, pedestrians, and motorists because it reduces the risk of trips, falls, and accidents. 

Many shoppers are pushing loaded carts, carrying large items or handling their children, distracting them from cracks and potholes. Repairing cracks and potholes regularly will prevent injuries on your property.

5. Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides standards to regulate parking lot features for those with disabilities. One of the regulations is ensuring that there is van accessibility with access aisles. For every twenty-five parking spaces, a handicapped parking space should be installed. By ignoring these requirements, you could face potential lawsuits. It is best to consult an experienced ADA compliance provider to make sure that all the specifications are met according to ADA guidelines.

6. Savings

Avoiding parking lot repairs can cause much damage to your existing asphalt pavement and in turn create financial burden by having to replace the entire lot or other significant repairs in the future. Acting on the repairs of potholes and cracks prevents larger cracks or holes from forming and will protect the sub-base foundation of your parking lot. Parking lot maintenance will not only save you money in the long run but will extend the life of your asphalt parking lot.

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Patrick Polazzo