Asphalt Maintenance in Phases: A Cost Cutting Option

Did you know you can do asphalt maintenance in phases? When funds are limited, phasing your asphalt maintenance project may be a more successful approach. While the most economic way to do a project is to complete it in full because it keeps mobilization costs down and locks in the price of materials (which can fluctuate in the future), that may not always be feasible. The most frequent reason is budget.

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asphalt maintenance in phases

Like many other construction materials, asphalt is at its all-time high in price. It is becoming more common that customers are starting to phase the projects. If you have a large parking lot or your parking lot has trouble spots, phasing by the zone or area may benefit your budget. Phasing by zone or area, allows you to handle the worst parts first then going back to finish it.

September is the biggest time for most property managers and other commercial property owners to start their budget for the following year. It’s important to walk your parking lot to search for any cracks, potholes, and other degradation. This will help identify what you may or may not need to budget for.

If asphalt maintenance is a part of your plan, talk with a reputable asphalt maintenance contractor like American Asphalt Company, now to create a management plan (asphalt maintenance in phases) that suits your needs. Creating a sustainable budget will maximize the value of maintenance work you invest in for both the future and immediate needs.

American Asphalt Company is the leading asphalt contractor in the New Jersey area. With three asphalt plants in South Jersey, two parking lot maintenance locations and one paving headquarters, American Asphalt Company is the one stop shop for all your asphalt needs. Contact us today for a complimentary parking lot assessment (856) 456-2899.

Ron Livingston