Parking Lot Asphalt Budget Tips to Save Money

What is your asphalt budget? Do you even have one? Cracks, potholes, and faded stripes are clear signs that your parking lot is in need of repair. But how do you determine whether you can fit a repair into your already tight budget? Whether you need a simple asphalt budget maintenance plan or new asphalt surface will determine what to consider with your budget.

Below are the 8 suggestions American Asphalt Company has put together to help you create an asphalt budget.

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What is your asphalt budget
What is your asphalt budget?

Consider the Parking Lot Life Expectancy

When an asphalt parking lot is properly designed and maintained, the life expectancy can last up to twenty years. Though there may be a higher upfront cost, you will be saving yourself money over time and allowing space in your asphalt budget for other projects.

Look for a Reputable Contractor

When searching for a reputable contractor for your parking lot project, read the Google reviews, take into consideration that they are licensed, insured and bonded. Look for their website, and social platforms to get an idea of the type of company that they are. Most of the time you will find the years of operation, knowledge, team and their mission as a company.

Consider the Factors in Your Asphalt Budget

Prior to starting ANY project, it’s pertinent to consider what might affect tenants or customers. Be upfront and realistic with timelines and communicate effectively with your tenants or customers.

Parking Lot Maintenance Will Save You Money

It’s important to allocate funds to parking lot maintenance. Timely repairs on small surface problems will not only extend the life of the asphalt pavement but will help avoid potential liabilities like trip and falls or other damages to consumers’ vehicles. In turn, saving you time, headaches and money between liabilities and a complete repave.


Regularly sealcoating your parking lot is essential in extending the life of the asphalt surface and protecting your already tight asphalt budget. Sealcoating restores the aesthetic of the parking lot but it also protects it against the UV rays, freeze-thaw cycles and traffic.


If your parking lot has cracks between ¼ inch to 1 inch, it’s time to crack seal. Regularly crack-filling your parking lot will reduce water penetrating beneath the surface and deteriorating the sub-base. Crack-filling is another essential parking lot maintenance service that will extend the life of your asphalt parking lot. NOTE: if your parking lot has multiple cracks in a singular area, or larger cracks, this cannot be crack-filled and may need asphalt patching or complete overlay.

Large Parking Lots May Need Phasing

If you have a large asphalt parking lot, you might want to consider doing the work in phases. This way you can save money in your asphalt budget but also it won’t entirely disrupt tenants or customers.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Often times parking lots are overlooked because a roof may leak or other emergent damages arise. Having a parking lot maintenance plan in place can help you stay within your budget, extend the asphalt life and save you money. Regularly maintaining the asphalt surface with sealcoating, crack-filling, and repairing potholes can help avoid liabilities and prevent you from having to repave the entire parking lot. Having an understanding of the time frame for repairs can help you create a realistic budget to suit your needs.

If your considering parking lot maintenance or notice signs of deterioration, contact American Asphalt Company. American Asphalt Company is one of the leading commercial asphalt paving and parking lot maintenance contractors in New Jersey. With three asphalt plants at two locations, paving crews, and preventative maintenance teams, American Asphalt Company is your full-service asphalt provider for your commercial needs. Contact us today at 856-456-2899 for questions, concerns or to receive a complimentary evaluation of your commercial parking lot.